MetaBUILD III Submissions are Over. What’s Next?

Maria Yarotska
Hackathon Coordinator, NEAR.

November 24, 2022

Submissions to the third MetaBUILD hackathon, the largest and longest building event in our ecosystem, are officially over. Throughout 8 weeks of hard work, we’ve been hosting weekly mentorship sessions and daily office hours to support our very early stage unicorns as they submit their projects to the hackathon!


Despite everything going on in the world in general, or in the crypto world in particular, the builders kept doing what they do best – buidl. And we have very impressive numbers to prove that the future is NEAR:

  • 3100+ hackers joined the hackathon
  • 50% of those who joined have been working on a project – which resulted in 1000+ draft submissions
  • Almost 300 projects were successfully submitted to the gallery
  • 30% projects were submitted to the Web2 to Web3 track for existing products integrating blockchain technology for the first time
  • Top-5 countries where our hackers come from are India, USA, Nigeria, Ukraine and United Kingdom

The project gallery is now open for everyone, and the judging period officially starts today. This time, we have even more great judges onboard – 12 experienced engineers will be evaluating the submissions before they get reviewed by the judges.


Here’s what happens next:

  • Until December 2nd, our reviewers will score the projects based on 5 criteria
  • From December 2nd to December 15th, the jury will decide which projects will receive main prizes and the rest of the bounties from our $1m pool
  • On December 15th, we will reach out to congratulate the winners and start the paperwork!
  • Within 60 days, the winners will receive your bounties, and some of them will receive an invitation to keep building in an online pre-acceleration program.

Keep an eye out for updates because we can’t wait to share the amazing projects and the stories of their founders.

And while you're waiting for the results, review our latest mentorship session dedicated to mental health and resilience – and please remember that building a Web3 startup is not always easy, but being a part of this community is one of the best things in the entire world.

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