Pagoda’s Biggest Release Yet: Templates, Interact, Email Alerts, Analytics, Pagoda API, and more!

Austin Baggio
Product Manager, Pagoda.

September 13, 2022

We teased a few of the features we’ve brought to Pagoda in our previous blog post, Welcome to Pagoda, so today, let’s explore exactly what we’ve been busy building. With everything we do, our goal is to save you time and increase confidence in dApp development on NEAR. Let’s dive into the latest release and highlight a few key features:


Pagoda Templates

Launch your first dApp in less than ten seconds - seriously, less than 10s - using Pagoda Templates. With our robust examples, you can quickly launch an NFT contract on NEAR. When launching a template, behind the scenes Pagoda does a ‘dev-deploy’. This creates a developer account address, builds, and deploys the contract to the recently created address, and automatically generates an ABI to power Pagoda Interact. We’ve made it as easy as possible to make everyone a web3 developer. Check this feature out by heading to

Pagoda Interact

So you’ve just launched your app on testnet or mainnet, time to start building a front-end, right? Before you commit to hours of dev time, check out Pagoda Interact to start testing real transactions instantly.

Powered by the NEAR ABI, you can send real transactions to any contract on testnet or mainnet using our generic contract UI. Pagoda Interact shows function names, parameter names, parameter types, gas, and deposit amounts, making it easy to visually send transactions to the blockchain within Pagoda Console. Simply log in to Console, add a contract, connect to your favorite wallet and start sending transactions today.

Pagoda Alerts

We’ve built alerts and triggers to let you know about and automatically respond to important events. Behind the scenes, we created many mini-indexers, “Alertexers”, to stream blockchain data real-time, enabling you to know what’s happening to your dApp before your users.

You can set alerts based on successful or failed transactions, account drains, specific function calls, and more. You can also send alerts to destinations including Telegram and to fire webhooks, and starting today, you can send alerts to email addresses as well.

Pagoda Analytics

So you’ve built, tested, and deployed your smart contracts, congratulations! You’re a full-fledged dApp developer. Now what? What do you need to measure to determine success? How many people are using my contracts? How many are coming back? Answer all of these questions with Pagoda Analytics.

You’ll see a preconfigured dashboard with 21 different visualizations, powered by Wombi, covering all the most important aspects of smart contract usage. From transaction-oriented data, like the weekly trend of your contract’s total number of transactions, to user-oriented analytics such as daily active users or your user base retention rate. No need to set up your own indexer, or visualization library, or even decide what to measure; Simply adding the contract to Pagoda Console takes care of it all.

Pagoda API

Ready to fuel your smart contracts with real-time data from the blockchain for a more powerful dApp? Get started with the Pagoda API. Use a single API key to stream blocks with Pagoda RPC and upgrade your data query experience with instant access to token balances with Enhanced APIs.

We have indexed over 1k tokens under all NEP standards and are working on supporting more.  Feel in control of your dApp starting with the infrastructure. Unlock insights from the Statistics Page into your RPC usage and performance like latency, success, and more.

Wrapping Up

This release is just the beginning. We’re laser-focused on delivering the most robust solutions that save you time and help you grow your app. In upcoming blog posts, we’ll be doing deeper dives into each of the features we’ve highlighted here so you can go from zero to hero and become a Pagoda power user.

PS: we LOVE feedback, find us on Discord, or leave feedback in-app by clicking on the little speech bubble in the bottom right corner of Console.

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