Welcome to Pagoda.

Drew Gorton

Head of DevRel, Pagoda

September 9, 2022

Pagoda may be a new name to you, but if you’re using NEAR, you already know our work. We’re the primary contributors to the core Open Source NEAR Protocol. If you’ve heard about NEAR’s Nightshade sharding, NEAR’s new JavaScript SDK or StakeWars and the upcoming launch of our next generation of sharding, you’ve heard of our work.

Scaling to Billions by Making it Easier to Build

Since Illia laid out his vision for Pagoda at ETHDenver, we’ve been hard at work, building even more tools to make it easy to develop on NEAR. We’ve always been focused on fostering a great developer experience and we’re doubling down on that with new tools to create and maintain dApps with friendly tutorials, rich infrastructure, and robust controls. After all, if we’re going to collectively succeed in bringing the potential of Web3 to billions of people, we need to keep making it easier for developers to build dApps and grow startups.


Pagoda: The Easiest Web3 Startup Platform

We’re excited to share Pagoda with you. We’ll be unveiling a lot of our features over the next week on social media, in blog posts and at NEARCON 2022. If you'd like to start exploring now, you can Get Started today.


Our Principles

Today I’d like to share how we’re building Pagoda. We are excited to show off our features and use-cases, but I want to kick it off by sharing the principles that guide us.

1: Make it Easy for Developers

We want to make building blockchain-based apps as easy and intuitive as possible. Our top priority is for Developers to find it easy to build on NEAR. We want you spending more time creating and less time troubleshooting. So, for example, Pagoda makes it easy to launch a dApp in under a minute using templates and a front-end built via an auto-generated smart contract UI.

2: Multiply Developer Time

We want every minute spent using Pagoda to translate into many minutes of developer work. This principle has led us to provide an enhanced API which makes it much quicker and cheaper to query for information like balances that would otherwise require extensive processing, storage and aggregation.

3: Scale with Your Success

We also want to provide tools to address problems that emerge as dApps gain traction and grow into startups. Accordingly, we’ve built in alerts and triggers to let you know about and automatically respond to important events. We’ve also added analytics to help you make informed decisions as you grow.

Keeping it Simple

That’s it. We hope these three principles help us build just what you need.


And There’s So Much More to Share!

But that’s enough for now. We’re excited to show you Pagoda in far more detail in the coming days. And, again, you don’t have to wait for any of that to start using Pagoda right now.

Meet Pagoda at NEARCON

If you’ll be at NEARCON please come meet us there. We’ve got loads of technical talks and we’ll be showcasing Pagoda at our booth. Stop by, say hi, see Pagoda in action and take home some swag while you’re at it. 

The Future is Bright

NEAR has an ambitious vision to onboard billions of people into Web3 – an Open Web that is decentralized, open-source, transparent, and humane. Scaling to billions means we need to help the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs discover and succeed with web3. 

We’re Pagoda. This is what we’re here to do. Let’s build together!

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