Enhanced API.

All of NEAR’s Data .

At Reach.

GET and use balance, user, or chain data.

NFT API — Query

Ownership, Traits,

and Transactions.

Need to display your user’s NFTs, and show their metadata? Forget about traversing, processing, and formatting NFT data. You can get all the NFTs an account owns, metadata for entire collections, and more with simple API calls.

Fungible Token API

— User Balances

& Historic Data.

Want to display your user’s account balance for any Fungible or Native token on NEAR? With a quick API query you can display any token’s history balances, and metadata in your dApp’s frontend. No need to process or index, we’ll handle that for you.

Use Cases


Quickly Show An NFT’s History of Owners.

Quickly show users of your marketplace historic data on NFT ownership, and their metadata without worrying about formatting, with a simple API call.

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Building a DEX withPrecise Token Data.

Quickly show your users the balances of all the tokens they own without going through hundreds of RPC requests or indexing. No more processing, standardizing and storing metadata for all kinds of FTs, Pagoda have it taken care of with a single API call.


Display Token Balances & NFTs

Displaying a user’s NFT collections and FT balances has never been made easier with a single API call. Say goodby to managing gigantic databases and making excessive amounts of RPC calls.

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