Introducing Pagoda’s JavaScript Toolkit

Know JavaScript?

You’re now a Web3 Dev.

All the JavaScript & TypeScript tools you need to build, test, and deploy blockchain applications on NEAR—with guides and documentation to help you along the way. Just install via NPM and start building immediately.

Blockchain, without

all the blockers.

New to Web3? No problem. Our JavaScript SDK makes the transition as frictionless as possible—so you can spend less time learning new languages, and more time building.

Build. Test. Deploy.

All in one stack.

With helpful docs and examples to get started, an intuitive CLI, the JS SDK to build smart contracts, testing with workspaces,  and more, Pagoda offers every tool you need to build complete blockchain applications.

Why build on NEAR?

NEAR is a dynamically sharded Proof-of-Stake, carbon-neutral blockchain built for usability and scalability. It combines the power of both PoS and sharding in a technology called Nightshade, making the chain infinitely scalable without compromising security and decentralization.

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“I never thought I’d be a Web3 developer. Then I found Pagoda’s Javascript SDK.”

– Dalvin Jacobs, Phalanx NFT

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